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In terms of customer-supplier relations, there is no doubt that electronic catalogues represent a major service for the customer and a competitive advantage for the supplier. In addition to the sale of its products, today Parker Legris also offers new services. The E-catalogue is one such new service, a guarantee of a closer, long-term relationship of trust with its customers.

Advantages of E-Catalogues
Improved processing and lower administrative costs

E-Catalogues offer many advantages to their users:

  • Improved reliability, updating and relevance of Product data in circulation
  • Elimination of time spent inputting Product data
  • Fewer non-quality costs relating to input errors
  • Substantial cost reductions for data processing operations
  • Time-saving with respect to data exchanges
  • Improved ordering procedures (e-procurement system)
  • Simplified supplies management (e-procurement system)

Customers can incorporate the E-Catalogue directly into their own IT system, and can then use the Product data for their own needs.

Electronic information available to our customers
Standard and specific information

The following information can quickly be made available to Parker Legris customers in a number of languages (French, British English and American English, German, Spanish and Italian) and in various formats (xls, csv, txt, xml, etc.):

Data from the website (Standard database)

Description and technical data:

  • Parker Legris item hierarchy and related descriptions (product group, family, sub-family and type)
  • Marketing arguments
  • Technical data: pressures (maximum use pressure, service pressure), maximum and minimum use temperatures, vacuum tightness, type of manufacturing materials
  • Product dimensions: diameter, thread, overall dimensions, etc...
  • Minimum packaging
  • Weight (item only and including packaging)

Product Picture:

  • Product photo (format: .jpg)
  • Technical drawing (format: .gif)

Product-related documentation:

  • Flash Animation
  • Documentation in hardcopy or PDF format
  • Compliance certificate

Specific Product data (not published on the website)

  • Medium-length description (255 characters): compilation of principal technical data and dimensions
  • Full-length description (800 characters): compilation of principal technical data and dimensions
  • Parker Legris / Customer cross-references
  • ecl@ss codes
  • UNSPSC codes
  • UPC-A barcodes
  • EAN barcodes
  • URLs pointing to customised legris.com pages which may contain the following information: customer logo, photo, picture, marketing argument, Flash animation, PDF documentation, dimensions and technical specifications.

Within 48 hours

Following examination of feasibility, cost and lead time, Parker Legris can provide a customised service for E-Catalogues.

An E-catalogue complied from the Standard Product database can be delivered within 48 hours. Availability of specific Product data requires additional time.

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