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Colorflow Control Valves

Parker Colorflow Valves

Parker Colorflow® Hydraulic Flow Control Valves

The Parker Colorflow Valve line offers a broad range of materials, port types, and size options. Our products can be used in most markets and on numerous applications due to the product range offered. Parker's breadth of products and engineering expertise enable us to both supply products and provide solutions.

Parker's exclusive color-ring design on the Colorflow products provides a color-coded system of highly visible checkpoints for setting valve openings accurately and quickly. Learn about the different types of flow control valves Parker Colorflow® offers:

Parker Check Valves

Check Valves - Parker Check Valves feature fully guided poppets. This superior design eliminates wobble and erratic travel that can commonly occur with less durable ball-check-type construction. The soft seal poppet on the Check Valves are standard for sizes up to 1/2" NPT, #10 SAE.

View the Parker Check Valve Catalog for more.

Parker Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valves

Pressure Compensated Flow Valves - For applications requiring flow consistency with varying pressures, Parker offers Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valves that are available in adjustable flow control or preset flow configurations. The flow precision is within +/- 5%. There is also the option of ordering with a reverse flow check if needed.

Parker Needle Valves

Needle Valves - The flow setting on the Flow Control, Needle, and Pressure Compensated Control Valves can be secured with the standard set crew or with the optional thumbscrew that does not require additional tools. A further option is available that allows the flow setting to be permanently secured.

Learn more in our Colorflow Brochure!

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