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O-Ring Selector

O-Ring Selector

Parker's O-Ring Selector is an engineering tool offering O-ring Material and size selection combined in one tool. Both are interlinked, thus ensuring the best possible combination of the calculated O-ring size and material choice. 

Service Conditions & Material Selector
Find the most suitable sealing material by specifying your minimum and maximum operating temperature, the desired polymer family or seal hardness.
The advanced material selector allows you to specify your service conditions in even greater detail. For instance, you can select and combine the fluids which are relevant to your application by using the "filter by fluid compatibility" search bar. This search and filter function searches a database of more than 2,500 different materials.
You can also search for certifications.

Size Selector
In the hardware configuration, you can choose between different sealing cases such as radial piston or rod sealing, axial sealing with internal or external pressure.
After selecting a material that fits your sealing application, you can continue by having the size selector calculate the O-ring dimensions and tolerances, considering even thermal expansion and volume swelling of the sealing element. The parameter dashboard in the results section will immediately show you if the selected O-ring size is suitable for your application.
Watch our tutorial on how to use the O-Ring Selector

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