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Why Thermoplastic?

Parker thermoplastic hose is the right answer for many technical challenges. With unique features and performance characteristics thermoplastic hose out rivals even established alternatives. Whether the task requires extreme temperatures, pressures, robustness or special custom designs, these hoses will not disappoint you.

Temperature Range

• Operating temperatures ranging from -50°C upto +230°C

• Best choice for dynamic applications even at very low temperatures

• Full working pressure even at extreme temperatures

Chemical Resistance

• Chemically inert, no interaction with the media

• Resistant against virtually all acids and alkalines


• Outer covers to withstand extreme wear

• Superior resistance and Extended Service life

UV / Ozone & Seawater Resistance

• Build for harsh and exposed installations

• Environmental influences have minial effect on hose life

Compact OD

• Space savind due to very small diameters

• Optimized Routing and design in constricted installation spaces

• Prevent using overdimensioned hoses

Small ID

• Only thermoplastic hoses allow small IDs down below 2mm

• Space saving

• Offers improved technical solutions in constricted installation spaces

Low Weight

• Major weight savings

• Energy savings as less mass Needs to be moved


• Madatory safety Feature for applications with high voltage and high frequency

• Electrically isolating according to SAE J517


• Multible colors

• Twin and multible lines

• hose bundles

• Customer specific designs        


• Combining the advantages of bent metal pipe with flexibility of hose

• Reducing weight, noise and vibration compared to bent metal pipe solutions

• Preformed hoses are maintaining their full technical specifications


• Less abrasion and contamination inside the hose

• Reduced residue build up

• Extended lifetime for filters, valves and hydraulic Systems

Permeation Resistance

• Low gas permeation

• Reduced ingression reduced risk of media contamination

Long Length

• Up to 4.200 m continous length

• Reduced scrap of bulk hose

• Easy winching and handling offer fast deployment of Long length

Highest Pressure

• Up to 4000 bar working pressure

• Highest technical standards and production controls assure safety 


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