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Drive Controlled Pump

Drive Controlled Pump with synchr. motor and vane pump

With the Drive Controlled Pump, Parker offers a speed-controlled, hydraulic system solution consisting of pump, motor, drive and software. It is tailored exactly to the customer’s cycle in advance. The Drive Controlled Pump enables the central, controlled hydraulic supply of all machine functions. By employing an AC drive, the speed range is regulated. 

For optimum yet simple selection and layout, Parker provides a unique software tool: the Parker DriveCreator. It is an integral part of the Drive Controlled Pump modular system. The use of this tool allows a comparison of the different motor-pump combinations and the direct calculation of potential savings of a Drive Controlled Pump compared to a conventional system with constant speed.

The Drive Controlled Pump is suitable for a wide range of applications. E.g. for die casting machines, all types of presses and machine tools.

More details on the Drive Controlled Pump you can get here.