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Labels and barcodes

For each Product Reference, there are three levels of barcode:

level 1: barcodes which relate to the reference number
level 2: barcodes which relate to the packaging
level 3: barcodes which relate to the over-packaging

Parker Legris barcodes are compatible with UPC-A and EAN-13 standards.

Advantages of Parker Legris barcodes
Identification and cost savings

First and foremost, barcodes allow a product to be identified, but they also have other useful features:

  • Reduced stock intake and removal times
  • Easier resupply
  • Permanent, simplified stock-taking
  • Elimination of errors arising from manual input errors
  • Product can be monitored throughout the Supply Chain

Using Parker Legris barcodes
Parker Legris databases

In and of itself, a barcode is useless: it is no more than a series of numbers. The important thing is the associated database, which provides various data relating to a given barcode.
Parker Legris can supply all the information required to optimise barcode use (for instance, in an Excel file), including the following:
reference number

  • barcode
  • type of packaging
  • quantity
  • product description, etc.

This enables the database supplied by Parker Legris to be incorporated into the user's management system and thus use the barcodes on Parker Legris packaging quickly and efficiently.

Customising Parker Legris labels
On packaging and over-packaging

Following examination of feasibility, cost and lead time, Parker Legris can provide a customising service for packaging and over-packaging labels.
One or more of the following may be printed on the label at the request of customers:

On packaging:

  • Parker Legris EAN/UPC barcode
  • Customer Reference
  • Customer Logo and/or Name
  • Parker Legris picture
  • Quantity packaged
  • Standards compatibility (e.g. RoHS)
  • Comments (e.g. description)

Optional extras:

  • Customer barcode
  • Batch number
  • Date
  • Supplier reference (Legris for the customer)
  • Supplier code
  • Batch number
  • Safety symbol

On over-packaging:

  • Parker Legris EAN/UPC barcode
  • Customer Reference
  • Picture
  • Over-packaging quantity
  • Standard (e.g. RoHS)
  • Comments

Optional extras:

  • Recipient at delivery address (e.g. workshop)

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