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Parker’s new company overview materials are available here to download and use when presenting the company at a high level. The overview materials aim to present the full scope of Parker’s capabilities by focusing on our target markets and key messages. Each piece is anchored with: Solving the world’s greatest engineering challenges and highlights our brand promise and tag line. It is intended to represent Parker’s extensive range of technologies and global presence.

A printed brochure is available for order or download; and is augmented by a package of companion materials including a video, a mobile App, an interactive PDF, and a power point presentation.

  • Overview Brochure

    Translated into 22 languages, the Parker Overview Brochure is anchored in solving the world’s greatest engineering challenges; and details Parker’s history, market platforms, sustainability efforts, company culture, ethics and integrity, innovation, Win Strategy, distribution network and global reach.

  • Mobile App

    A highly engaging and interactive experience for tablet devices like iPads and kindles that provides more detail on Parker's markets and technologies with expanded content and additional videos.

  • Video

    A narrated, 4 minute video that shows Parker's employees, operations and technologies in action while highlighting the Company's history and strategy for continued growth.

  • Power Point Presentation

    A customizable power point presentation that reflects the print brochure content is available for download here.