Video Gallery - Innovative Products

  • The Parker Indego® Powered Orthosis

    Occasionally referred to as an exoskeleton, Indego® is a powered lower limb orthotic device that would enable clinicians to conduct over-ground gait training during rehabilitation, and potentially allow mobility-impaired individuals to stand and walk in daily use.

  • SensoNODE

    The capabilities of Parker’s new low energy wireless sensors and iOS app are featured in this video. The low energy sensors monitor pressure, temperature and humidity and transmit live readings to a nearby mobile device, allowing the user to track system performance to predict problems and prevent costly downtime.

  • Parker Life Sciences: "You Gotta Move"

    Learn more about Parker's life sciences technology platform, and the component and systems offerings to the in vitro diagnostics and imaging diagnostics markets.

  • EO-3 Coupling System

    EO-3 couplings enable simpler, quicker and more secure hydraulic line installations with a new thread technology that is based on a 24-degree inner cone with integrated soft seal and a cone-shaped connecting thread.

  • Parker's Global Vehicle Motor Spotlight from Brammo

    Given Parker's history of hybrid electric technology expertise, Brammo reached out to Parker to help them make the fastest production electric motorcycle. Brammo and Parker collaborated to design Parker's Global Vehicle Motor.

  • The Parker Tracking System

    The Parker Tracking System (PTS) significantly reduces vehicle and asset downtime by increasing the speed, accuracy and timing of component replacements.

  • Parker Gas Generation

    Parker provides on site, on demand gas supply solutions, and supplies a comprehensive range of analytical and industrial gas generation systems.

  • THM Analyzer

    Parker’s Trihalomethane (THM) Analyzer enables fast, accurate and on-site testing to ensure water is safe after disinfection at municipal water plants. See how the Parker analyzer helps to improve the water treatment process while saving customers money by optimizing chemical usage.

  • Compact Spiral Hose

    The Compact Spiral Hose represents a revolutionary breakthrough in industrial hose manufacturing technology. This hose is lighter, stronger, more flexible and lasts longer than any other hose on the market.

  • Parker Racor Water Purification System

    Learn more about how Parker's reverse osmosis water purification systems can provide clean water when only saltwater is available.

  • High-Temperature/High-Pressure Oil & Gas Applications

    Learn about the unique challenges associated with high-temperature/high-pressure oil and gas extraction, and how Parker's advanced material development capabilities are applied in this market.

  • High Temperature Flexible Hose for Jet Engines

    Parker's high temperature flexible hose replaces rigid hoses, adding fire protection and longer life to the feeder lines that supply the nozzles feeding fuel to jet engines.