Creating a positive impact in the lives of people is the most substantial outcome of Parker’s social responsibility initiatives.

With operations across the world and a broad motion and control product portfolio, every day Parker has countless opportunities to improve the lives of its team members, protect the environment and support local communities. For more than a century, Parker has viewed its ability to make a positive impact as a key measure of the company’s success.

Parker’s sustainability commitment, shared by all team members around the world, helps to align and reinforce their efforts and shapes the company's success:

“To responsibly help solve the world’s greatest engineering challenges to foster enduring success for the company, customers and communities.”

The impact of this commitment is highlighted across three key areas where Parker has an opportunity to maximize the results of its social responsibility efforts.

  • People

    With a distinctive culture where all team members are empowered to make decisions, Parker has attracted some of the most driven and talented individuals from around the world, who are the foundation of the company’s success.

  • Planet

    Parker team members are applying their technical knowledge and creativity to simplify complex manufacturing processes, reduce production waste and design products and systems that precisely balance performance and efficiency. This strategy fulfills a shared responsibility to solve challenges for customers while minimizing environmental impact to help create a better future.

  • Products

    Parker’s products and systems can be found on and around almost everything that moves, and improving efficiency throughout the product lifecycle represents an important opportunity to minimize environmental impact while creating significant value for customers.