Entreprenurial spirit

The entrepreneurial spirit established by founder Art Parker set the company on a distinct path of innovation and growth. Today, Parker aims to rekindle that spirit by encouraging flexibility, autonomy and the ability to explore and excel.

About Parker

  • As the global leader in motion and control technologies, Parker thrives when our products and solutions solve our customer’s challenges. And, when we solve these challenges, we make a positive impact throughout the world, in industries ranging from aerospace and climate control to filtration and automation.

    Solving the world’s greatest engineering challenges is a responsibility we take seriously, and one that requires more than just the brightest engineers in the world. It takes accountants, salespeople, supply chain managers, information technology specialists and manufacturing professionals.

    Join the Parker team and realize your future in solving the world’s greatest engineering challenges. We’re looking for communicators, problem solvers, inquisitive thinkers and dedicated professionals who want to win.

  • Parker moves the world via electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic technologies, with a full complement of fluid control systems; software and electronic controls; filtration systems; and instrumentation and sealing technologies.

    Our products and technologies can be used both to provide basic functionality and to be combined in advanced system solutions designed by our engineering experts. If you want to learn more about Parker watch the movie!

  • With a revenue of more than 14 Billion USD, locations in 50 countries around the world and 55 000 employees Parker is,without a doubt a global company with huge opportunities.

    The company is organized in 139 Divisions with more than 300 plants. Our global head office is based in Cleveland Ohio and the European head office is located in Switzerland.

  • Parker in Sweden

    Parkers Sweden operations have a turnover of 2 billion SEK and employ a workforce of more than 900.

    With manufacturing and development units in the western part of Sweden and sales offices and distributors from Ystad in the south to Kiruna in the north, we are present throughout the country.

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The Parker difference


Parker recognizes the strong connection between the health of our company and various economic, environmental and social factors. It’s why we focus our sustainable efforts on employee welfare, responsible use of resources and a social responsibility to the communities in which we operate. Our technologies, solutions and employees play a critical role in addressing issues that impact quality of life, both around the world and in the local communities we serve.

Parker’s internal social responsibility starts with giving employees a range of unique options when it comes to choosing health care. Parker’s Wellness and Preventive Medicine Program offers employees expanded treatment choices such as preventive care and complementary therapies. Externally, Parker is using its broad technology platform to protect the environment by helping to conserve finite resources. Parker products and technologies can be found in countless transportation applications and are raising the standard for efficient operation, helping to reduce emissions and improve air quality for everyone. In regards to fuel, Parker products are cleaning up the process at each step. We’re improving efficiency and reducing waste generated during extraction, reducing fuel use across countless vehicle applications, and decreasing harmful pollutants by improving combustion efficiency and emission filtration technology. Parker recognizes the tremendous importance of safeguarding natural resources and the global environment. We remain committed to the health and safety of our employees, our communities and our customers.

Our culture

Honesty, respect, and commitment are key concepts here at Parker. We care about each other. Our future development as a business is depending on us listening to the voice of our employees and customers.

Our overall objectives shapes the actions each and every one of us takes and depends on our employees being involved and taking responsibility for the work we do.

We are confident that working together is a success factor and that our model for team work – High Performance Teams – gives us a really good chance to make it happen.

By taking care of the unique skills and experiences of each employee, we develop a creative environment that contributes positively to everything we do, from problem solving to decision making. This, combined with our desire to continuously improve, simplify and transform, makes us flexible and faster in taking on new challenges.

Working at Parker in Sweden involves:

  • Having influence on your job
  • Accountability of all parties
  • Clearly defined goals and regular feedback
  • Ability to influence your workload
  • Creativity and testing new ideas
  • Continuous learning and development

Working at Parker should be fun and offer the satisfaction of success. Together we can achieve our goals, meet the needs of our customers and deliver great results!



Parker strongly believes in investing in the continued educational development of our employees. We empower our workforce to gain knowledge in their area of expertise, and to explore new areas of development and embrace a global mindset. In many cases, we pay for them to do so. Ideas drive Parker’s ability to solve our customer’s challenges, and we want all of our employees to be best equipped to generate ideas and solve challenges. We also want our employees to advance their careers at Parker. We are a big company that feels small, but that doesn’t mean the opportunities are small. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The scale, scope and growth of our operations and the diversity of our technologies and markets create options. Parker employees benefit from exceptional advancement opportunities either locally at the facility they work, or globally at one of our locations around the world.


Career paths

We are a big company that feels small, but the same cannot be said for advancement opportunities within the company. The scale, scope and growth of our operations and the diversity of our technologies and markets create tremendous growth options. Parker employees benefit from exceptional advancement opportunities, either locally at the facility in which they work, or globally at one of our locations around the world.

  • Engineering

    We have career opprotunities for applications, development, design, electrical, manufacturing, mechanical, process, project, software, systems, chemical and biomedical engineers. We are also looking for engineering managers and program and project managers.

  • Finance and accounting

    We have career opprotunities for accountants, financial analysts, controllers and cost analysts.

  • Human Resources

    We have career opprotunities for human resources assistants, representatives, managers and directors.

  • Information Technology

    We have career opportunities for project leaders, technical analysts, technical support specialists and division IT managers.

  • Manufacturing

    We have career opprotunities for assemblers, engineering technicians, machinists, maintenance, mechanics, NDT operators, productions technicians, toolmakers, quality coordinators and welders.

  • Marketing

    We have career opprotunities for market development managers, marketing managers, business development managers and eBusiness search marketing managers.

  • Operations Management

    We have career opportunities for production team leaders, plant managers, logistics supervisors and lean operations managers.

  • Sales

    We have career opportunities for business development managers, territory managers, account managers, market specialists, technical sales associates, and product sales managers.

  • Supply Chain Management

    We have career opportunities for buyers, planners, purchasing specialists, logistics specialists, sourcing managers, supplier quality engineers and supply chain managers.


You are welcome to contact one of our employees in Human Resources for questions about your career at Parker. We are located at different locations in Sweden and in the list you will find contact persons per location and activities.