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Parflex Division

Global Leader in Hose and Tubing Solutions for Extreme Applications

Parflex has a reputation for providing solution-based hose and tubing products. Parker Parflex Division is the leading manufacturer of thermoplastic and fluoropolymer hoses, CNG fuel hoses and formed hoses that improve our customers’ bottom line by building components with longer life spans, that speed up installation and reduce warranty and service issues in the field.

Parflex Division - Solutions

Why Thermoplastic and Fluoropolymer Hose

On this microsite, Parflex offers an easy, quick read explanation about the differences between a thermoplastic hose or tube and a fluoropolymer one. This site also explains why a thermoplastic hose excels over a rubber hose and when temperature is a factor, why a fluoropolymer hose is needed. Specific topics include length, I.D., O.D., weight and performance advantages such as abrasion, cleanliness and shelf life. Visit Parker's "Why Thermoplastics" website and review the full package of advantages available when using thermoplastic and fluoroplastic hose and tubing.

Why Thermoplastic Hoses and Tubing from Parker Parflex

TOUGHJACKET™ Thermoplastic Hose

TOUGHJACKET™ hoses are the next generation in thermoplastic hose, offering 650x the abrasion resistance of standard rubber hose. Currently, the TOUGHJACKET series includes four hoses for fluid transfer applications and one for ultra high pressure (UHP) waterblast. Depending on the fluid, the operating temperatures range from 40°F (-40°C) to +250°F (121°C). On a forklift application, the 563TJ offers the lowest length change available in the industry at +/- 1%. UHP TOUGHJACKET hoses are 16% lighter than traditional water blast hoses with a PVC cover and promote operator safety by reducing friction, drag and fatigue.

Parker TOUGHJACKET Thermoplastic Hoses

Formed and Bonded Thermoplastic Hose

When hoses or tubing are formed, customers reduce production errors, maintenance calls and over all costs. Parker's formed hoses can drastically reduce assembly costs by speeding up installation times and reducing misalignments. It only takes as little as 1/8" of misalignment to the connection to potentially shut down an operation and require the product to be re-worked. Like formed hoses, bonded hoses can reduce maintenance calls. They improve the management of the hose and increase its overall strength. Bonded hoses are particularly beneficial in lift truck, hydraulic crane and aerial lift applications.

Parker Formed and Bonded Hose

CNG Fuel Hoses

Parflex offers both high pressure and low pressure CNG hoses, providing customers the ability to meet their toughest requirements and to purchase the complete package from Parker. For on-vehicle and fuel dispensing, Parflex 5CNG Electrically Conductive Compressed Natural Gas Hose is a market leader. And weighing up to 30% less than rigid tubing, Parflex CNGRP Regulated Pressure Natural Gas Hose is used on-vehicle downstream of the pressure regulator. Although both hoses are CSA listed, CNGRP may be the only low pressure hose that meets ALL CSA requirements.

Find out how Parker can help you develop a CNG system to meet your toughest requirements, leveraging the convenience of purchasing all your components from one supplier.

Parker Parflex CNG Fuel Hoses

Over-the-Sheave and Aerial Lift Solutions

Parker Parflex specializes in hose technology for extreme applications. Nothing is more extreme or harder on hoses than continual flexing along cable tracks. A TOUGHJACKET hose offers 650x the abrasion resistance of rubber and the 563TJ hydraulic hose offers the best change in length characteristics at +/-1%. This makes it an ideal solution for boom or cable track applications where long lengths are required because abrasion and length change are the biggest contributors to hose failure.

But Parflex doesn't offer just one hose. There are at least 7 hoses designed to withstand different environments, pressures and placement on heavy duty forklifts and lift trucks. Whatever your problem, we probably already have the solution.

Parker Parflex Hoses for Forklift and Aerial Lift

Lubrication Lines and Grease Hose

Lubrication is more than simply an additive to a machine; it is an integral component of that machine and therefore, should be closely monitored to ensure it maintains its quality. Parflex compact 1/8” HLB grease line hoses save hundreds of dollars in operation waste by eliminating gallons of unnecessary “in-line” grease versus large bore rubber hose. HLB grease hose utilizes a panel mounted hose fitting with an integral zerk fitting port. Locknuts, zerk nipples, and caps can also be sub-assembled.

Parflex 1/8” HLB vs ¼” rubber hose saves $10-$20 per grease line, and up to $10 in unnecessary adapter costs. And with a weight that is 60% lighter than the rubber hose, you are saving inbound and outbound freight costs.

Parker Parflex Grease Hose and Lubrication Lines