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Engineered Polymer Systems Division - Sealing Solutions for Oil & Gas

Sealing Solutions for Oil & Gas

Parker's Engineered Polymer Systems Division is an industry leader in the development of compounds, sealing systems, and customized products and services for onshore and offshore applications in the Oil & Gas market.  Parker has the most comprehensive portfolio of innovative materials, products, and services available.  

With our wide range of nitrile, carboxylated nitrile, highly saturated nitrile, fluorocarbon and perfluorinated materials along with our advanced thermoplastic compounds, polyurethanes, and specification grade PTFE and PEEK, Parker has broken the temperature, pressure and fluid compatibility barriers commonly encountered in the Oil & Gas marketspace. 


Oil & Gas Technology Experts

  • Parker is your valued partner and sealing technology expert – leading the way with innovative solutions for tomorrow’s energy industry challenges.

    We work with customers to design and manufacture world-class solutions for demanding Oil & Gas applications.


    Our expertise spans a wide range of technologies enabling us to deliver reliable, high performance components and complete sealing systems that withstand the temperatures, pressures and unique configurations confronting design engineers.


    Innovative Solutions for Oil & Gas


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    Complete Systems for Subsea and Land-based Drilling and Production

    Parker's wide range of technologies and engineering expertise enable us to design solutions for a variety of applications in Offshore Drilling operations including, riser system components, riser joint and connector seals, mud motors, and LMRPs, including blow-out preventers.
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    Specialized Oil & Gas Services

    Specialized Inventory Management & Custom Kitting: Thousands of Parts -- One Part Number! Parker's customized inventory management solutions and sophisticated repair kits for OEMs or MRO suppliers provide speed, simplicity and improved operating efficiencies.
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Engineered Polymer Systems Division

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Engineered Polymer Systems Division, Houston Operations

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Do you need extended service life?  Expanded performance in high temperatures?  


Think Resilon® high performance polyurethane. 

The thermal stability, compression set resistance, and rebound/resilience of this proprietary polyurethane give it major advantages over other urethane formulations – and clear benefits for Oil & Gas applications. 


Right now, Resilon® 4300 polyurethane is being used for injection-molded mud piston cups; a capability unique to Parker.  It is also being used for flexible boots on drilling tools to increase service life.


To learn more, call the Oil & Gas application experts at Parker.