Engineered Polymer Systems Division

Engineered Polymer Systems Division - Manufacturing


Parker's array of manufacturing facilities provides customers with capacity, flexibility, and processing options.  

Our manufacturing technologies give customers access to the most cost-effective means to meet their unique product requirements, including:

  • Injection molding
  • Precision machining
  • Value-added services such as:  kitting, assembly, leak testing, part marking, packaging


Aerospace Specifications

Parker products conform to many common industry specifications, including, but not limited to:

AMS3644 AS8791
AMS3651 AS9058
AMS3656 ASTM D4745
AMS3660 ASTM D4894
AMS3670 ASTM D5204
AMS3678 MIL-G-5514
AS4716 MIL-P-46183
AS5752 MS27595
AS5781 MS28773
AS5782 MS28774
AS5857 MS28776
AS5860 MS33675