Engineered Polymer Systems Division

Engineered Polymer Systems Division - Product Design

Product Design

Our product portfolio includes a broad range of validated seal designs.  Products include:


  • Flame resistant fire seals
  • FlexiSeal™ spring-energized PTFE lip seals
  • Precision aerospace T-seals
  • Rotary shaft seals, including composite Clipper® Oil Seals
  • High pressure anti-extrusion back-up rings
  • Long-wearing single- and double-acting PTFE slipper seals and scrapers
  • High temperature polymer bearings and wear rings


Design Action Request Form

  • Parker's experienced application engineers are ready to assist with designs for aerospace applications.  

    Download the Design Action Request Form, or call our experienced engineering team members with aerospace application inquiries, at (801) 972-3000.


Design Assistance