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Sealing Solutions for Today's Fluid Power Applications

Hydraulic and pneumatic systems that perform work in today's fluid power equipment and tools are more reliable and sophisticated than ever before. That's why Parker continues to develop and manufacture highly engineered, technologically advanced sealing solutions and materials.


Fluid Power Seal Design Guide

  • For years, Parker's Fluid Power Seal Design Guide (Catalog EPS5370) has been a trusted reference guide for designers of fluid power applications in industrial equipment.  


    Sealing Package Recommendations

    Features of the guide include: 


    ♦  Seal package recommendations for a variety of fluid power applications


    ♦  Part number listing of available "Preferred Profiles" 


    ♦  Smart part number nomenclature and gland calculation tables for quick and easy part number configuration


    ♦  Easy to use look-up table for finding currently available part numbers in alternate profile, size, cross-section, and material combinations



    Download the electronic edition today!

Catalog Download

  • Download the Fluid Power Seal Design Guide (Catalog EPS5370)

Part Number Look-up

  • Part Number Lookup

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