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Specialized Oil & Gas Services

Specialized Oil & Gas Services, Including Inventory Management Solutions & Custom Kitting


Parker understands that no two customers are exactly alike and neither are their sealing needs. We excel at meeting our customers’ special needs and product integration requirements in areas such as:

• Inventory Management (VMI)

• Product Kitting

• Special Packaging 

• Bar Coding

• Custom Labeling & Marking

We can take your thousands of parts and provide you one part number!  
Parker's custom kits offer customers a smart, mistake-proof alternative to the complexity and cost of procuring hundreds of parts for assembling and repairing Oil & Gas equipment and tools.

We have decades of experience working with industry leaders and creating comprehensive kits for critical Oil & Gas equipment like:

  • Blow-out Preventers
  • MWD Down Hole Tools
  • Actuator and Valve Assemblies


OEM & MRO Kitting
We assemble OEM production and MRO repair kits for applications such as valves, blow-out preventers (BOPs) and drilling tools.  Rigid "cards" are printed to create a shadow-board where each part is placed on its "shadow" outline.  Thereafter we mount all parts with a peel-able plastic skin overlay that keeps all of the components -- seals, parts, tools, adhesives, and instructions -- complete and in place until you are ready to use them.  


Available for All Kit Sizes 
Kit packages can range in content and size from simple one-card packaged units to multi-card units packaged and shipped in durable storage cabinets.  No matter the job size, this process means no more searching for tools or instructions - it's an all-in-one, error-proof package.  Assemblers and repair technicians know that when the board is empty, all parts have been used.  If any parts remain, then the technician has failed to use a part.  

Error-Proof Assembly, Minimize Down Time & Reduce Procurement Costs
Call Parker to learn how we can save you time, costs, and avoid risk.  Let us consolidate your procurement efforts.  Parker procures everything -- we will make or buy all kit components as required by you (even if the buy is a non-Parker part). 



Part Marking

  • Permanent and non-permanent part marking
    Part Marking
    Parker's proprietary marking methods ensure parts are being installed properly as well as also help to guide operators to the correct OEM replacements.  

    Non-permanent marking is applied via ink stamp to the surface of the seal. Logos, unique part number, barcodes, or other seal information can be printed according to customer’s requirements. Non-permanent printing, ensures Parker’s part origin, enables part level traceability, and provides an easily visible cue to operators. Additionally, marking helps reduce installation errors in addition to protecting customers against counterfeit seals.

    Permanent marking methods provide permanent visual indicators on the seal surface without compromising seal integrity. Incorporating one of Parker’s marking technologies into the sealing system aids the customer with part authentication and helps the installation process. Permanent marking remains visible even after the seals have been used and disassembled.  

    Positive seal identification greatly decreases time spent searching for a replacement seal which minimizes equipment downtime and maintenance costs which can run into millions of dollars a day.

For Specialized Oil & Gas Services, contact::

Parker EPS Division

Houston Operations

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Houston, TX  77082

PH:  713-910-7700



Team members for Specialized Oil & Gas Services are dedicated to their specific customers.  

Customer-dedicated teams for Specialized Oil & Gas Services

Working together, your dedicated team will deliver what you need, when you need it!

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