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Engineered Polymer Systems Division - Complete Systems for Subsea and Land-based Drilling and Production

Complete Systems for Subsea and Land-based Drilling and Production

Parker delivers confidence with tested and proven designs for Oil & Gas sealing applications. Our experienced engineering team understands the critical equipment needed to explore, drill and produce today's wells. We work with customers to design and manufacture world-class solutions for demanding Oil & Gas sealing applications.

Rely on our expertise in polymer science and sealing technology to help you design and build robust, reliable systems.


Parker solutions withstand the extreme temperatures, pressures and unique configurations confronting design engineers for a range of equipment used in oil and gas drilling operations.

Parker leads the industry in sealing technology - delivering reliability and reducing operational costs for deep water offshore oil and gas drilling.

Riser Joint & Connector Seals Riser Critical Components LMRP
  • BOP Elements
  • Ram and Shear Rubbers
  • Control Valve Stem Packings
  • Control Valve Seats

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Oil and Gas pumping equipment is the life-blood for hydraulic fracking and well drilling operations. When pumps go down for planned or unplanned repairs, productivity comes to a halt. Parker's sealing profiles enable equipment to run longer and more efficiently.

Triplex Mud Pump for Oil and Gas Drilling Operations

Well Service Packings
For positive displacement pumps, the materials used in Parker’s well service and vee-ring packings have exceptional compressive force resistance to manage side loading yet remain pliable enough for sealing. We design vee-packings in a wide range of materials including NBR, HSN/HNBR, aramid fabric/HNBR composite, neoprene, fluoroelastomer, filled PTFE blends, and our proprietary Resilon® Polyurethane.

Our capabilities include

  • Designs to retrofit current plunger sizes and configurations
  • Custom designs
  • Complete packing component assemblies, including custom machined lantern rings, spacers, etc.

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Suction and Discharge Cover Seals
Parker's HGP Profile suction and discharge cover seal provides four times the reliable service life compared to traditional elastomer D-rings.  Owing to its combination of unique geometry and Resilon 4300 polyurethane material, the HGP Profile resists wear due to abrasive fluid proppant, high pressure, and vibrating motion generated by high frequency, pulsating pressurization.

Piston Seals
Parker's design expertise in piston sealing applications has resulted in piston cups that outlast the competition by 50%, reducing costly downtime and eliminating leaks.

Valve Seals
Valves take a beating from repeated cycling in highly abrasive drilling fluids and aggressive fracking fluids. Valves made with Parker’s unique geometry and Resilon polyurethane have shown to extend valve life by over 50%.

Resilon Polyurethane Pony Rod Seals
Eliminate leaking of hydraulic fluid and simplify installation by replacing standard two-piece seals with our single-piece design that integrates both seal and rod wiper into a single component.

Our patented design virtually eliminates the excessive leakage seen in competitor 2-seal configurations which require oil field technicians to interrupt drilling operations and replenish gallons of lost hydraulic fluid. Not only does our seal retain fluid -- permitting significant savings each scheduled maintenance cycle in the cost of hydraulic fluid alone; but, the real savings is not having to interrupt drilling operations to replenish it. The robust wiper on the air-side of the seal prevents dirt, dust, or other debris from entering the system.

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Extending the operating life of drilling motors is critical to reducing operating costs. Parker's rotary seals and boots protect drilling equipment from the effects of harsh drilling muds and help keep the drilling motor downhole longer.

RM Profile Mud Motor Barrier Seal
Parker's RM Profile rotary motor barrier seal has been engineered to withstand the rigors and harsh service in downhole drilling. Our material science and design engineer experts have developed a longer service rotary motor seal which extends drilling hours over the leading competitive seal.

Specific features of the RM Profile include:

  • Provides reliable dynamic rotary sealing with no cross-contamination
  • Fluid retention grooves which reduce friction and increase stability
  • Contact relief valley which reduces torque and high squeeze contact forces.

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Resilon® Polyurethane 4300 Mud Motor Boots
Flexible boots protect the sensitive joints of down-hole drills from adverse conditions that can result in seizure, breakage, or decrease in torque transfer. Parker's Resilon Polyurethane 4300 material provide longer continuous use and extended time in the hole for mud motors by virtue of the toughness of this proprietary material in resisting wear and tearing over traditional rubber boots.

With a tensile strength four times greater than elastomers, Resilon polyurethane resists wear and tear in conditions that cause rubber boots to fail.

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Proven 20ksi Solution

Learn about our 20ksi choke & kill rod seal that meets the pressure, temperature and API rating requirements for deeper reservoir pressures.

Discover the benefits Parker's Resilon® Polyurethane provides for oil and gas sealing components.

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