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Engineered Polymer Systems Division - Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Parker Engineered Polymer Systems Division offers a comprehensive product portfolio for the Life Science market anchored by over 40 years of industry leadership in material science.  


Parker’s investment in providing engineered solutions for Life Science applications includes market and application experts, material scientists, R&D facilities and clean room manufacturing capacity.  We offer PTFE, thermoset rubber, and polyurethane material solutions compliant to FDA and USP Class VI standards.  Our Life Science Application Engineers work in concert with our customers to develop optimized sealing solutions for surgical instruments and other medical equipment.

Life Sciences Capabilities

  • Parker capabilities for Life Sciences include:

    • • Registration to ISO 9001 standards
    • • ISO Class 7 and Class 8 clean rooms
    • • USP Class VI certified material formulation and production
    • • FEA design engineering
    • • Application engineering
    • • Project management
    • • In-house regulatory expertise
    • • In-house tooling
    • • Injection molding
    • • Insert molding
    • • Compression molding
    • • Precision CNC machining
    • • Fabrication, assembly and secondary operations

    Whether you're needing to seal micro-surgical instruments, precision pumps, or high speed oscillating devices, take a closer look at Parker's PTFE spring-energized FlexiSeal® manufacturing technology.

    Parker works with Life Science device and surgical instrument OEMs to design bio-compatible spring-energized FlexiSeal® sealing solutions.  Our in-house PTFE blending and mixing capabilities combined with decades of design and manufacturing expertise enables us to provide rapid prototypes and remain agile in working with OEM engineers to conduct early and ongoing functional validation tests during development to get their products to market quicker.

    Download the PTFE Lip Seal Design Guide, Catalog EPS5340.

    We can help you overcome your micro-sealing challenges.

    Available PTFE Materials:

    • 0100 - Virgin PTFE
    • 0301 - Graphite Filled PTFE
    • 0601 - Aromatic Polyester Filled PTFE
    • 0901 - Virgin Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) - FDA Compliant

    Spring Material:  Stainless Steel C-Series canted coil

    Lip Configuration:
    • Back-bevel lip
    • Scraper lip

    • ID from 0.050" to 0.750"
    • Groove width as small as 0.055"
    • Cross-section as small as 1/32"

Engineered Polymer Systems Division

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