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Automotive and Heavy Duty

The automotive and heavy duty industries are transitioning into a new era of rapid technology innovations. The industry original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are pushing towards technologies that are more fuel efficient, cleaner, safer and smarter.


From initial concept to production, Parker Sealing Technologies Asia (STA) Div’s engineering teams support many of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and is ready to support the customers in quickly adapting to the megatrends of the industry. Whether the changes are in the stringent environmental regulations, global market dynamics or consumer mobility needs and preferences, Parker can help OEMs expand their geographical footprint and achieve optimal operational efficiency.


Parker elastomer products are highly engineered and customized for specific application requirements. The team of Application Engineers at STA Div is available to provide design assistance and partner with the OEMs to develop materials that meet specifications. Our sealing solutions are designed to maximize service life, minimize overall cost of ownership and achieve optimal operational efficiency.

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