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Parker O-Ring & Engineered Seals Division develops innovative elastomer materials to meet the extreme demands of the Oil and Gas industry. Our offering includes materials specifically formulated to tackle today's harshest environments, with unique formulations that are suited for performance in a variety of applications involving the presence of Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) and Sour Service as well as extreme cold temperatures down to -45°C (-49°F) and high temperatures up to 320°C (600° F).

  • Broad range of materials
  • Sealing in extreme high/cold temperatures
  • Superior mechanical and physical properties
  • Extreme chemical resistance
  • Excellent compression set resistance
  • Extended shelf life
  • Decreased downtime

Oil and Gas Material Reference Guide

  • Compound Recommended For Temperature Compound Recommended For Temperature
    Nitriles (Buna-N, NBR Fluorocarbon (FKM, FPM)
    N0674-70 General Purpose -30 to 250°F V0747-75 General Purpose -15 to 400°F
    N1470-70 General Purpose -40 to 225°F V1260-75 Very Chemically Resistant -15 to 400°F
    NM304-75 Low Temperature -65 to 250°F V1289-75 Low Temperature Performance -55 to 400°F
    N1490-90 General Purpose -30 to 250°F VP104-85 Base & RGD Resistant, H2S 10 to 400°F
    NB194-90 Low Compression Set, Extrusion Resistant -30 to 275°F V0709-90 General Purpose -15 to 400°F
    N1059-90 Low Compression Set -30 to 275°F VG109-90 RGD & Extrusion Resistant, Low Temperature, H2S -50 to 400°F
    Ethylene Propylene (EPDM, EPR) V1238-95 RGD & Extrusion Resistant, H2S -15 to 400°F
    E0740-75 Low Compression Set -70 to 250°F Tetrafluoroethylene Propylene (AFLAS®)
    E0962-90 Excellent Steam to 500°F, RGD Resistant -60 to 250°F VP102-80 Low Compression Set 15 to 450°F
    Hydrogenated Nitriles (HSN, HNBR) V1041-85 RGD Resistant, H2S 15 to 450°F
    N1173-70 General Purpose -25 to 325°F VP103-90 Extrusion & RGD Resistant, H2S 25 to 450°F
    KA453-80 Chemically Resistant -25 to 325°F Perfluoroelastomer (Parker ULTRA™ FFKM)
    N1231-80 General Purpose -25 to 325°F FF102-75 H2S, Acid Resistant, Low Cost 5 to 525°F
    KA183-85 RGD Resistant, Low Temperature -55 to 300°F FF200-75 Low Compression Set 5 to 608°F
    KB163-90 General Purpose, RGD Resistant, H2S -25 to 325°F FF580-75 Broad Chemical/Steam Resistant, H2S 5 to 525°F
    N4007-95 RGD & Extrusion Resistant -25 to 325°F FF400-80 Low Temperature,RGD, H2S -40 to 525°F
    FF582-90 Broad Chemical/Steam & RGD Resistant, H2S 5 to 525°F
    V8588-90 Extrusion Resistant 5 to 572°F

    AFLAS® is a registered trademark of Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.

    ULTRA™ is a trademark of the Parker Hannifin Corporation.


About the Applications

  • • High pressure up to 15,000 psi
    • High temperature up to 300*F
    • Completion and fracking fluids
    • Natural reservoir formation gases and fluids
    • H2S (sour gas), CO2, NH3 (ammonia), hydrocarbon gases, etc.
    • Steam, crude, seawater, mud, corrosion inhibitors, pH regulators, hydrocarbon fluids.
    • Rapid gas decompression (explosive decompression)

  • • Well completion systems
    • Horizontal drilling and fracturing
    • Natural gas extraction
    • Sliding sleeve systems
    • Plug and perforating systems
    • MWD vibration dampening
    • MWD compensator membrane
    • Hydraulic pump seals
    • High pressure valves

Sealing Environments

Technologies to Run the World

  • Parker provides custom sealing systems for numerous
    completion operations and downhole conditions. These
    systems are highly engineered to hold higher
    pressures at larger gaps, especially when the
    application requirements are beyond the capability of
    a single element.

Custom Packer Element System

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