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Parker O-Ring & Engineered Seals Division designs and manufactures sealing systems for automotive and heavy duty equipment engines. Applications include cylinder liner, oil pan and engine cover. Recommended polymer families are nitrile (NBR), hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR), fluorocarbon (FKM) and silicone (VMQ). There are other specialty polymer compounds to choose from. TechSeal has the ability to develop new compound for specific application if the existing material selection does not satisfy the application requirement. 


  • Cylinder Liner Seals

    Machined D-ring or double chamfer seals are ideal solutions for cylinder liner applications. These seals are custom designed to allow for optimal squeeze and gland fill condition. High performance materials such as coolant resistant FKM and other OEM-approved compounds are available.

    Oil Pan and Cover Seals

    Custom designed extruded profiles include easy to install, friction-fit self-retaining profiles manufactured from a wide range of material choices to fit specific application requirements.

    Static Face Seals

    O-Ring & Engineered Seals Division extrudes and precision cuts static face seals in standard and custom configurations. Custom static face seals can be designed in sizes from .030” to 19” in diameter.

    Engine sealing options:

    Press-in-Place Seal designs provide seal retention in straight-walled or dove-tailed grooves. They are lined with retention and stabilizer ribs which hold the seal in place and make it easy to install for time-saving assembly. The small rib contact points require less flange loading, providing maximum sealing under minimal pressure for non-ideal surfaces.

    Controlled Compression Carrier Gaskets will improve system performance, simplify assembly and lower your total system costs. The over-molded composite carrier design incorporates single or multiple elastomers as well as a variety of value-added features on one gasket."

    Drop-in-Place Seals utilize a rubber encapsulated plastic or metal backbone, lined with retention and stabilizer ribs. This design holds simple or complex shapes, easing installation and providing automation options.

    If you have any questions about our sealing capabilities please contact us.

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