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Thermoplastic hoses from Parker Hannifins Polyflex Division offer a wealth of innovative solutions for your daily design and application challenges. Handling improvements, limited space or environmental challenges, just to name a few, are all easily addressed with the unique benefits of thermoplastic hoses. We strive to offer you solutions which increase the profitability of your operations and the performance of your product designs.

Polyflex Division - Europe - Solutions

Why Thermoplastic?

Parker thermoplastic hose is the right answer for many technical challenges. With unique features and performance characteristics thermoplastic hose out rivals even established alternatives. Whether the task requires extreme temperatures, pressures, robustness or special custom designs, these hoses will not disappoint you.

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Value Added Services

Parker Polyflex and the Parker Sales Companies offer value added services that compliment our production capabilities and product portfolio. These services are in place to meet the increasing customization and system criteria that our customers expect from a world-class supplier.The value added services detailed below are typical of the products and secondary services that we provide to our customers. If you have additional service needs that we have not detailed below please contact us. We are happy to discuss all potential solutions for your requirements.

Preformed Hose

Parker´s preformed technology is the solution for your cost management and technical challenges. It combines the advantages of steel tubes with the flexibility of tubes.

The assemblies have a very compact design and can be installed or just clipped on wherever they disturb least and where the designer wants them to be. Installation feasible even in difficult to reach places: The assemblies can be preformed into almost any shape.

Small Bore Hose

No matter if it’s a wheel loader, material handling equipment, truck or any industrial device – the space available for installing hydraulic components is becoming tighter day by day. Functional considerations are playing an increasingly larger role. Parker offers the solution to these problems with its line of thermoplastic hoses as in today’s lean world waste of space, weight and time is intolerable.

Multiline Hose

Twinline or multiline hoses ensure easier installation, and especially in applications such as fork-lift trucks, aerial lifts and hydraulic cranes they form a compact unit. On request twinline and multiline hose can be joined using various combinations of hose sizes and types.