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Parker Hannifin is a Fortune 250 global leader in motion and control technologies. For 100 years the company has engineered the success of its customers in a wide range of diversified industrial and aerospace markets.

Industrial Manufacturing

Machine building is critical to countless industrial applications, from metals processing and semiconductor manufacturing to food packaging and auto making.

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From cars and trucks to boats, trains and planes, Parker is helping manufacturers reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of traditional vehicles, while also contributing to the development of hybrid and electric vehicles that utilize energy from renewable sources. Parker technology is contributing to solutions that are more efficient, safe and reliable, while supporting the advancement of transportation worldwide.

Bus and Coach makers can count on Parker and its long industry experience, global presence, state of the art technology, and flexible modular systems and components to afford solutions that meet the performance standards even for extreme conditions.

Parker’s proven, extensive set of electro-hydraulic, electric-, and hybrid-electric drivetrain and auxiliary-vehicle system solutions addresses this need by offering Hybrid Electric and Electric Vehicle customers a single source for these products.

Faced with meeting stringent temperature-range, voltage-tolerance, & sealing standards, rail industry suppliers can rely on Parker’s decades of outstanding design and inhouse manufacturing expertise to partner with and complement their internal resources.

Parker’s experience partnering with global OEMs to design and integrate solutions to their specifications allows the company to provide reliable, high-quality, and easily installed subsystems that help industry customers improve reliability, increase fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

Parker's Industries

Power Gen - Renewable Energies - Construction

Faced with increasing global demand, energy companies must find new ways to increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Parker is helping them build a cleaner, brighter energy future by offering durable, reliable and intelligent integrated systems that minimize environmental impact and perform under extreme conditions, all backed by an global support network.
To keep up with increased demand, meet evolving industry standards and comply with government regulations, power generation companies must modernize the grid, employ reliable energy storage and reduce emissions. Parker can help overcome these challenges with innovative, intelligent energy-storage, condition monitoring technology and predictive maintenance expertise.
When it comes to harnessing energy from renewable sources, intermittent energy supply, remote locations and extreme conditions can create significant challenges. Parker has dedicated teams of specialists working globally to help customers design and install wind turbines, solar facilities and other technologies to capture and deliver power to those who need it most.
Customers in construction, mining, agriculture and forestry face vastly different challenges, but also share common needs such as ensuring worker safety, meeting demand, improving productivity and profitability, and complying with environmental regulations. Parker addresses these through innovative engineering, products designed to perform in the most rugged conditions, and mobile repair centers for remote locations.

Food & Beverage

Technology for every taste! Parker develops specialised solutions targeted at the unique requirements of the industry for durable and tolerant technology.

Food safety demands that the whole manufacturing process should take place under the best possible conditions, so consumers can rely on the quality of the food and beverage products. This means that even the smallest components of our technology have to meet the most exacting hygiene standards.

At Parker, specially designed technical solutions are a matter of pride. We do not just use standard products – our products are developed specially in collaboration with the food and beverage industry.

Technology and tolerance
At Parker we have technical knowledge and understanding that enable us to advise on and supply high-end solutions tailored to the scale of the individual customer’s business. And because all our products are developed for the food industry, their tolerance is very high. Our solutions meet the toughest requirements and standards in the industry.

Excellent service – all over the world
We have a presence all over the world to enable us to service our customers’ export markets with spare parts or replacement products. This saves valuable time in the event of breakdown.

Products and solutions
Parker’s range of products for the food & beverage industry extends from components to complete systems and integrated solutions:

  • Electromechanical solutions – including frequency inverters, servo solutions, AC/DC motors, electric actuators, linear positioners,
    gantry robots etc.
  • Treatment of compressed air and nitrogen production – including
    pipes, filters, driers and gas generators for both laboratory and industrial use (product analysis, tank cladding, transport in pipes
    and packaging in a controlled atmosphere).
  • Pneumatic solutions – including pneumatic actuators, linear positioners, air motors and air treatment plants, valves and valve systems, fittings, hoses, couplings and magnetic valves for liquids
    and gases. Our selection also includes Atex-approved products.
  • Hoses for a wide range of food applications