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Membrane Protection

The primary function of pre-stabilization filters is to protect the final membrane filters from colloidal particulate. Most waters, while appearing visually clear, actually have a very large amount of suspended solids moving in solution. These are called colloids and are generally sub-micron in size. These small, suspended particles are the major cause of membrane filter blockage, so their removal prior to membrane filtration will result in longer service life of the membranes and lower long-term running costs.

As the product water moves through the bottling facility, intermediate storage may be necessary. Pre-stabilization filters will limit the levels of microorganisms entering the storage tanks so the potential for biofilm development will be reduced. This control on microbial growth within the facility will optimize the operation of the final stabilization filters prior to bottling and return a more hygienic processing environment.

Products for Membrane Protection


    - Short-term microbial stability of process liquids
    - High flow and service life to blockage
    - Compatible with aggressive process conditions including chemical cleaning and steam sterilization


    - Reduced risk of microbial contamination during intermediate storage
    - Improved retention efficiency and dirt holding capacity
    - Stable, reliable retention efficiency throughout the service life


    - Increased dirt holding capacity and resistance to blockage under high loading conditions
    - Ability to provide consistent quality of filtrate in a wide range of clarification applications
    - Compatible with aggressive process conditions including chemical cleaning and steam sanitization

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