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Membrane Protection

Final membrane filtration is typically the most expensive stage of filtration. In order to reduce the costs of replacement final filters, it is recommended to install pre-filters, which remove suspended particles and reduce microbial loading. This ensures an extended lifetime of final filters as it reduces the amount of large particulate which makes it to final filtration.

Parker Bioscience's PREPOR range of filters have been developed to excel in membrane protection applications, with the new PREPOR NG filter designed to offer the optimum choice for increased microbial security, fine particle retention and the strength necessary to withstand repeated cleaning and backwash regeneration.


Products for Membrane Protection


    - Short-term microbial stability of process liquids
    - High flow and service life to blockage
    - Compatible with aggressive process conditions including chemical cleaning and steam sterilization


    - Reduced risk of microbial contamination during intermediate storage
    - Improved retention efficiency and dirt holding capacity
    - Stable, reliable retention efficiency throughout the service life

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