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Point of Entry Clarification

Water entering a bottling facility directly from a source is sometimes referred to as point-of-entry (POE) and will require clarification filtration to remove any insoluble contaminants such as sand, silt or debris before entering intermediate storage. To be considered a 'Natural Mineral Water' then this is the only step permitted within Europe, any further filtration would alter the chemical and biological makeup of the product, which then may no longer be considered a Natural Mineral Water. 

Typically the filtration employed for this requirement will be designed to handle a high and variable particle loading. Carefully selected retention and construction of the filter at this stage in the process will greatly influence the performance of the filtration processes used downstream and will improve overall process efficiency.

Products for Clarification


    - Smaller filter system size and reduced running cost to represent an economical solution to a wide range of clarification duties
    - Consistent quality filtrate is delivered in a wide range of clarification applications
    - Increased protection to downstream systems and elimination of start-up cleans following change-out


    - Increased dirt holding capacity and resistance to blockage under high loading conditions
    - Ability to provide consistent quality of filtrate in a wide range of clarification applications
    - Compatible with aggressive process conditions including chemical cleaning and steam sanitization


    - Increased service life when combined with frequent backwash cleans
    - High flow and increased resistance to blockage under high particle loading conditions
    - A consistent and reliable quality filtrate delivered to intermediate storage in the bottling facility

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