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Aseptic Packaging

The process of aseptic packaging involves dairy product such as yogurt or pasteurized milk filling pre-sterilized containers under an aseptic/sterile environment. Aseptic packaging ensures no microbial contamination of the dairy product post processing, this fundamentally increases the life-time of the product and protects against worse case scenarios such as large scale product recalls.

Sterile gas and air filter cartridges such as those offered by Parker Bioscience Filtration provide an aseptic environment in which dairy products may be packaged to avoid microbial contamination. Furthermore, aseptic packaging using ASEPT-X sterile gas filters allow regular steam-in-place cycles to be run without need for condensation management, increasing the microbial security of the process and reducing risk of filter failure. 

Products for Aseptic Packaging


    - Absolute retention of spoilage organisms
    - Capable of withstanding over 100 reverse steam-in-place cycles without need for condensation management
    - Lifetime five times that of the next best alternative under same conditions


    - High flowing hydrophobic PTFE impregnated media
    - Fully validated by aerosolized bacterial and viral challenge
    - Stainless steel inner core
    - 100% integrity testable by Valairdata 3 aerosol challenge


    - Highly hydrophobic PTFE membrane
    - Fully validated to ASTM f838-05 liquid bacterial challenge
    - Fully validated to aerosol and viral challenge
    - Unique high flowing PTFE membrane
    - Can be in-situ steam sterilized for up to 225 cycles at 142°C


    - 5.7" TFT LCD touch screen operation
    - Multi-language menu availability
    - Testing correlated to aerosol and viral challenges
    - Developed to GAMP 5 guidelines
    - Transfer of data via USB memory stick
    - 4GB internal memory storage

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