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Product Filtration

During the downstream processing of biopharmaceuticals, numerous filtrations are performed into intermediate storage vessels or prior to chromatography or diafiltration and concentration steps.  The purpose of these filtrations is rarely to sterilize the intermediate but simply to minimize bioburden during intermediate holds and to act as guard filters for expensive downstream purification equipment.


The SciLog SciFlex NFF is the ideal platform for automating the filtration of partially purified product allowing safe, walk-away processing. Incorporating SciPres single-use pressure sensors, Parker Bioscience Filtration can build overmolded single-use filtration manifolds which combine sterilizing grade filters or bioburden reduction filters with bioprocess containers for the subsequent storage of your valuable biologic drug intermediate.


Chromatography column loading and eluting can be quantified and controlled using the WeighStation product family for gravimetric fluid handling.   

Products for Intermediate Product Filtration

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