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Utilizing filtration in the production of semiconductors and MEMS commonly found in electronic devices which drive today’s global technology, ensures high yields and reliable performance. In this multi-faceted process, electronic circuits are fabricated on wafers made of pure semiconducting material, such as silicon and gallium arsenide. A wide range of chemicals, chemicals mixtures, solvents, and water must be properly filtered to remove harmful submicron size particles that can limit or destroy product yield.

Parker Bioscience Filtration products are designed to remove these impurities in all critical wet front and back end semiconductor processes.

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Application Areas

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    Batch wet etch & clean

    Parker filters offer higher flow properties which can increase bath turnover to improve particle removal efficiency.
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    Chemical distribution

    Parker offers filters that are ideal for chemical distribution. These filters are designed for single or minimal pass systems and optimized for the highest particle removal efficiency and cleanliness.
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    ECD copper plating

    In ECD copper plating, Parker's hydrophilic filters are used to achieve the best process results as they require no wetting and are highly compatible with most copper plating solutions.
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    Single wafer wet etch & clean

    Parker's filter cartridges and capsules offer high particle removal efficiencies which are well suited for single wafer etch and clean processes. Our Ultraclean technology is an optional feature for critical processes that require the very lowest in metal extractables.
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    Ultra-pure water

    Parker's filters in ultra-pure water provide pre-RO protection from larger particles to ensure DI water, used for the most critical point-of-use applications, is free of yield limiting particles.
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