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Downstream Bioprocessing

Parker Bioscience Filtration's scaleable solutions for downstream bioprocessing can reduce your purification costs and process footprint. Our product range includes:


• Automated normal flow filtration solutions for product and buffer filtration


• Scaleable automated tangential flow filtration solutions to optimize concentration and diafiltration steps


• Solutions to incorporate into viral control measures


• Cross flow separation systems for cell culture harvest


Select an application below to find out more:

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    Buffer Preparation & Storage

    Filtration, bioprocess containers and SciLog automated systems are combined for a complete buffer preparation and storage solution.
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    Product Filtration

    Automated single-use NFF systems and fast-flowing membrane filters maximize performance and protect downstream purification operations.
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    Tangential Flow Filtration

    A fully scaleable range of compact automated systems for TFF applications from bench-scale to pilot to GMP manufacturing.
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    Virus Control

    Automated systems for controlled virus filtration and metering and dispensing of of pH adjustment solutions or detergents during virus inactivation.
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