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Bioscience and Water Filtration Division

Bioscience and Water Filtration Division - Data Storage

Data Storage

Hard disk drives are crucial today in storing enormous amounts of data. Computing relies heavily on secure data storage, much of which is kept on cloud servers. The manufacturing of hard disk drives capable of storing terabit levels of data in ever smaller packages is complex. Steps are taken to provide nanometer size particle free disk and drive surfaces throughout the manufacturing process so that the hard disk performs reliably throughout its life.


Parker filters are used in critical hard disk drive processes, including pre-sputter etch and clean, electroless nickel plating, wash processes, ultra-pure water, and disk lubrication. Our high performing hydrophilic filters are typically used for pre-sputter cleans where dilute acids clean the surface to ensure optimal adhesion and defect-free sputtered films, and in wash steps. Ultra-pure water with low levels of surfactant are used throughout the process to provide particle-free disk and head surfaces. Parker filters are also used for uniform, defect-free nickel plating and consistent particle-free lubrication of the disks.

Process Areas

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    Electroless Nickel Plating

    Filtration of sub-micron sized particles is essential in removing defect-causing particles and reducing micropitting which can result in lost production.
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    Effective removal of nanometer size particles in lube processes is critical to the performance and reliability of hard disk drives.
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    Pre-sputter Etch & Clean

    Filtration with low metal extractable hydrophilic filters ensures disk surfaces are particle free in the pre-sputter etch and clean process.
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    Ultra-Pure Water

    Filtration products for ultra-pure water applications are essential in providing pre-RO protection from large particles and are instrumental in making sure DI water is free of yield limiting particles.
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    Wash Processes

    Filtration is necessary to provide particle free components in recirculation or single-pass hard disk drive wash applications.
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