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Bottled Water

Parker Bioscience Filtration offer a range of microfiltration solutions for the bottled water industry. From the clarification of natural mineral water to remove suspended fine particulate whilst maintaining its microbiological and chemical composition, down to the sterile filtration of filtered water which involves the elimination of all particulate including colloids and bacteria as small as 0.2µm.

Microfiltration solutions offered by Parker Bioscience Filtration can also offer a reduction of microplastics suspended in high quantities of drinking water which are a suspected bi-product of the bottling process itself.

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    Final Stabilization

    Ensure the safety of your water by removing pathogenic contaminants during packaging.
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    Membrane Protection

    Achieve long service life and efficient use of final filtration systems through optimum prefiltration.
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    Point of Entry Clarification

    Remove bulk particulate and reduce the Silt Density Index (SDI) of incoming water.
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    Tank Vent Filtration

    Ensure the contents of storage vessels remain sterile and contaminant free.
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