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Bioscience and Water Filtration Division

Bioscience and Water Filtration Division - Beer


The production of beer is an ancient art which has been practiced and modified over thousands of years to yield the wonderful varieties of beers and ales we have available today. Across the beer and ale varieties, there are common similarities between the production stages necessary to control the process as consistently as possible in order to produce the perfect beer.

Parker Bioscience Filtration continually offer significant process benefits to brewers across the globe; providing innovative microfiltration solutions which can reduce the cost of the brewing process, extend product shelf-life and finally protect the flavour and unique characteristics of beer. By combining specialist brewing knowledge with a dedicated microfiltration product range we can ensure the perfect beer is produced and enjoyed time after time. 

Typically, a combination of microfiltration applications are included throughout the brewing process for the most energy efficient and cost effective method of microbial stabilization and increasing shelf-life. Each stage of the process typically requires dedicated technology and equipment and there is a huge range of choice and flexibility in approaches. Parker Bioscience Filtration offer products for each stage of the brewing process, from trap filtration of large particulate, down to the sterile filtration of beer and the microfiltration of gasses used for the bottling process.

The recent partnership with Agidens automation in Europe has enabled Parker to offer fully integrated automated beer sterile filtration systems to breweries of all capacities, helping beer producers to reduce costs and improve the quality of their product.

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    Aseptic Filling

    Ensure your beer remains contaminant free by sterilizing the gases used for aseptic filling operations.
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    Beer Tank Vent Filtration

    Ensure the contents of storage vessels remain sterile and contaminant free.
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    Bright Beer Tank Pre-treatment

    Protect your brew during bright beer storage by eliminating yeast and other spoilage microbes.
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    Membrane Protection

    Achieve long service-life and efficient use of final filtration systems through optimum prefiltration.
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    Sterile Filtration

    Increase shelf-life, retain flavour and reduce costs with fully automated beer sterile filtration systems.
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    Trap Filtration

    The trap filter system is designed to capture any solid particulate which has been left behind by the initial separation stage following fermentation
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