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Sterile Filtration

As large breweries seek to ship their product to distant customers, they require an increased shelf-life of up to 12 months. This stability can be achieved using sterile filtration.

Beer sterile filtration refers to the microfiltration of beer to remove any spoilage organisms including yeasts and bacteria prior to bottling. Yeast and bacteria present in beer after the brewing process can cause spoilage, off-flavours and smells before it reaches the consumer. Sterile filtration, therefore increases the shelf-life of beer by the removal of these organisms and is more cost-effective and energy efficient than alternative methods of stabilization.

BEVPOR BR sterile filter cartridges have been designed by Parker Bioscience Filtration specifically for the brewing industry to excel in beer sterile filtration applications. Innovative BEVPOR BR filter cartridges eliminate target organisms, without effecting the flavour of the beer, unlike pasteurization practices. The sterile filtration of beer is the only method of microbial stabilization for customers wishing to reduce their costs, improve their shelf-life and retain the complex and sought after qualities of their beer.

Furthermore, the partnership with Agidens Process Automation in Europe has enabled Parker Bioscience Filtration to offer fully automated sterile filtration systems, which may be specifically tailored to your unique brewing process. The CSM range of beer sterile filtration systems provide either continuous or batch processing combined with automated CIP and integrated integrity testing, ensuring complete microbial control for breweries of all production capacities.

Products for Beer Sterile Filtration Systems

  • CSM Automated Sterile Filtration System

    - Fully automated beer sterile filtration
    Tailored to your specific brewing process
    - Integrated CIP and integrity testing
    - Full process sensing and data management
    - One or two beer lines for batch or continuous processing


    - Unaffected beer characteristics
    - Eliminates spoilage organisms
    - Innovative microfiltration membrane
    - Delivers a long, stable shelf-life
    - Easily integrity tested
    - Reduces stabilization costs
    - Reduced water and energy consumption

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