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Filter Integrity Testing

All filters produced by Parker Bioscience have been validated to eliminate microbial hazards. The validation of these microfilters by method of filter integrity testing demonstrates control at the critical control points identified during HACCP. However, use of filters outside of their validated limits may result in a loss in integrity and potentially result in contamination. On-going integrity testing is critical to ensure validated microfilters are monitored throughout their service lifetime. Integrity testing also ensures all processes operate within HACCP frameworks, which is a legal requirement for food production.

Parker's filter integrity testing units ensure filters maintain their function, protecting critical processes from potential contamination. Regardless of filter application, Parker offer a method of filter integrity testing for both gas and liquid filters for the food and beverage industry.

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    Liquid Filter Testing

    Monitor the performance of your membrane filters to ensure they are not damaged, they are fit for purpose, and are capable of providing the necessary degree of microbial control.
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