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Food manufacturing plants are often warm, humid environments which provide the perfect conditions for microbial growth. Dairy plants in particular provide both the conditions and the nutrients for proliferation of bacteria which consequentially ruins products. Dairy product waste is a major issue within the dairy industry, with huge quantities of product being discarded daily to due product contamination.

In order to both increase the shelf-life of dairy products and reduce waste, manufacturers should implement sterile gas and air microfilters into their HACCP procedures. Any point which dairy product may be exposed to non sterile gas should be considered a critical control point, at which appropriate aseptic measures such as sterile filtration should be applied. The sterile filtration of air eliminates airborne spoilage organisms from a number of gas applications throughout the production and packaging processes.

Parker Bioscience Filtration offer a range of sterile gas filters for all stages of the production and packaging process, helping manufacturers to not only to reach distant customers by increasing the shelf-life of their product, but also reducing overall product waste resulting from bacterial contamination.

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    Aseptic Packaging

    Ensure your dairy products remain contaminant free by sterilizing the gases used for aseptic filling operations.
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    Dairy Tank Vent Filtration

    Ensure the contents of storage vessels remain sterile and contaminant free.
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    Dairy Product Purge

    Protect your dairy products during transfer with sterile gas
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