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Bottle Washing

Using a structured approach to utility management will minimise the risks of the most typical sources of final product contamination.  One such area which is often overlooked, is the potential risk of microbial contamination from the process water used to wash or rinse filling machine parts, pipe-work and bottles.  

To eliminate the risks of microbial infection, process water which comes into contact with the final product, package or equipment surfaces must be treated at the point-of-use to control the potential hazards. Parker Bioscience recommend the use of sterilizing grade filters to remove contaminating organisms from process water used for functions such as bottle rinsing or purging pipe-work.

Products for Bottling Washing


    - Ensures safety of process water
    - High flow and cost effective performance
    - Extended service life


    - Ensures the safety of the water prior processing
    - Protects the purity and essential characteristics of the source water
    - Assured filtration performance

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