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Compressed Natural Gas Connection Solutions

Innovating the Alternative Fuel Market with Natural Gas Fittings and Adapters

Natural gas is an ideal alternative fuel source, producing 30 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline or diesel. Parker’s steel and stainless steel fittings and adapters for CNG optimize fuel conveyance in natural gas applications both on vehicle and infrastructure builds, engineered to fight against corrosion, as well as perform in high pressure applications. Parker products help to improve uptime and decrease maintenance costs in CNG applications, including on-vehicle fuel systems, and infrastructure applications including compressors, dryers, fuel dispensers and storage tanks.



Parker Seal-Lok™ for CNG O-ring Face Seal (ORFS) fittings

Seal-Lok™ for CNG Stainless Steel and Zinc Nickel Fittings
and Adapters

Seal-Lok for CNG O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) fittings are tailored to accommodate unique natural gas attributes. They provide reliable fuel conveyance using an elastomeric seal compound made of hydrogenated nitrile that improves ozone resistance and supports wider temperature and pressure range requirements. In addition, it’s a great solution for high-vibration, on-vehicle applications where metal-to-metal sealing is not up to the task. Seal-Lok for CNG fittings are fully tested by TUV (NGV 3.1, ECER110, ISO 15500), and recently passed Bonfire Testing in accordance with ANSI/CSA NGV2. Learn more about Bonfire Testing and download the Seal-Lok for CNG Test Summary now.

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Stainless Steel and XTR Coating

When connections face tough environmental elements, tube fittings and adapters can become corroded leading to early failure and unnecessary downtime. Parker understands this corrosive nature that both on-vehicle and various infrastructure applications face and offers anti-corrosive fittings in both stainless steel and XTR Coating to help keep CNG systems up and running longer.




Parker Stainless Steel Fittings and Adapters

Stainless Steel

Providing the best materials to combat corrosion is important to Parker. That's why Seal-Lok for CNG fittings are offered in SAE/AISI 316/316L stainless steel materials for the best corrosion resistance.






Parker XTR Coating

XTR Coating

XTR Coating on Parker's steel fittings offers an economical solution and specifically combats those corrosive environmental elements so fitting connections can stand the test of time. Parker's XTR Coating is the only zinc nickel fitting to be tested by TUV.

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