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Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems Division - Oil & Gas Hydraulic Pumps & Power Systems

Oil & Gas Hydraulic Pumps & Power Systems

Parker Hydraulic Pump & Power Systems Division is fully engaged in finding ways for the Oil & Gas industry to increase productivity and profitability, in a safe manner. With reliable hydraulic pumps and motors for open and closed loop hydraulic systems, Parker hydraulics live comfortably in both off-shore and land-based environments. The fleet machines below are all critical to the land based fracking process and must be ready for 24/7 operation through job completion.

You’ll find the Parker Gold Cup pump/motor and Bent Axis motor line are real work horses for augers, injectors, and other various hydrostatic Drive circuits. The open circuit P1 and P2 variable piston pumps are ideal for auxiliary functions (conveyor, door, reel and cylinder), while cooling solutions are easily accomplished with Parker's M5 vane and F12 Bent Axis motors. Solutions like reliable auger motors, hydrostatic drives and transmissions, artificial lift pumps, open circuit high pressure pumps and conveyor variable piston pumps bring unparalleled speed and strength in the Oil & Gas industry.

Parker Hydrostatic Drive for Cementer Truck


Tri-Plex Pump/Motor Drive - Gold Cup™ hydrostatic drive, hydrostatic transmission circuit.
Centrifugal Pump/Motor Drive – Parker P1 open-circuit high pressure pumps with F12 bent axis motors.

Parker Pumps and Motors for Blender Truck


Auger Drive Pumps/Motors - Gold Cup™ pumps/motors. Calzoni LSHT motor. 
Oil Cooler Fan Drive - M5 vane motors (Integrated valving options).
Centrifugal Drive Pump - P1 open circuit piston pump.

Parker Hydraulic Systems for Coiled Tubing

Coiled Tubing

Injector Drive Pumps/Motors - Gold Cup™ pumps. Variable displacement Bent Axis V14 motor.
Cylinder & Reel Pumps/Motors - P1 pump for tilt reel take/hold back function. M4 Vane motors.
Skate & Stripper Pumps - P2 open circuit pumps.

Parker Pumps and Bent Axis Motors for Hydration Truck

Hydration Truck

Centrifugal Drive Pump/Motor - Pressure compensated P1 pump and F12 bent axis motor.
Paddle Drive Pump - P2 pump ideal for multiple paddle motors.

Frac Truck Parker Bent Axis Motors


Cooling Fan - F12 Bent Axis hydraulic motor for high HP cooling.

Parker P2 Open Circuit Piston Pumps for Sand Truck

Sand Truck
Conveyor and Hopper Doors - P2 open circuit piston pump

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Hydraulic Bent Axis Motors

Gold Cup™ Hydrostatic Transmissions

Gold Cup™ pumps/motors

F12 Bent Axis Hydraulic Motor

P1 Open Circuit Piston Pumps

P2 High Pressure Mobile Pumps

Variable displacement Bent Axis V14 Motors

M5 Heavy Duty Vane Motors 

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