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Hydraulic Pump and Power Systems Division - Mining Equipment Hydraulic Pumps & Power Systems

Mining Equipment Hydraulic Pumps & Power Systems

When safe, rugged, long-life performance is needed, Parker Hydraulic Pump & Power Systems products are there to do the job. Parker offers a wide range of open-circuit hydraulic systems and closed-circuit piston pumps, vane pumps, bent axis motors, hydraulic conveyor motor, hydrostatic transmissions and power unit solutions for a wide range of Mining applications, including longwall mining machine, continuous, and surface miners, blast hole drill rigs, excavators, reclaimer/stackers, and conveyor systems. 

Parker HPS Division is fully engaged in finding ways for the mining industry to increase productivity and profitability, and also totally committed to improving the work environment and reducing energy costs.

Parker Gold Cup™ Hydrostatic Transmissions
These transmissions are rugged, heavy duty variable displacement pumps and motors. Rated to
5000 PSI continuous pressure and continuous duty. A unique internal servo-replenish feature
affords the fastest and most stable control strategy available.

P1/PD & P2/P3 Piston Pumps
Medium & heavy-duty variable displacement, axial piston pump for mobile and industrial applications featuring compact, quiet and efficient control. They can be used in a variety of applications requiring open circuit hydraulic system flow.

Vane Pumps
Parker’s high-performance T-Series fixed displacement vane pumps are specially designed to provide high flows within a small envelope. They can be used in mining industry & blast hole drill rigs to provide oil for auxiliary functions.

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