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Oil & Gas

Parker has been an integral part of oil & gas exploration and production for more than 50 years. From deepwater mooring systems, advanced filtration and particle detection systems to hundreds of certified, corrosion-resistant components, Parker helps offshore operators to keep exploring and producing at peak efficiency, even in the harshest conditions.


National and international certifications verify our systems and solutions offer the highest quality for most efficient performance.

Innovation, Cost Savings and Safety

  • Blowout Preventer System - A complete range of Blowout Preventer (BOP) hose assemblies that are flexible and fast to assemble. The assembly process of all the components guarantees for our customers the highest flexibility and the easiest installation on site – a system you can trust.


    Multitube hose bundles - A bespoke tubing product constructed from stainless steel, copper or thermoplastic hose and tubing that give EPCs the chance to save time and money on installations as well as specifiers the chance to reduce shut-down times as the products are pre-engineered, insulated and traced.


    Flared Cone Connections - Combining the simplicity of compression style fittings with the strength of cone and thread, flared cone connections can typically be installed in less than two minutes – around five times faster than cone and thread.


    Parflange F37 & Complete Piping Solutions (CPS) - Combining the best non-welded piping system with a complete engineered piping services package, CPS offers your project incomparable assurance, efficiency and value. CPS centers features our Parflange F37 technology supported with engineering consultation, design, state-of-the art piping fabrication and installation.


    Parker Grade™ 6Mo Tube - So important is the chemistry and mechanical properties of the tube when used in conjunction with Parker A-LOK fittings, we have developed our own 6Mo tubing. This unique specification of tubing is optimal in terms of hardness, ovality, chemistry, and dimensional tolerances ensuring ideal properties for the fitting. 


    Low Emission Valves & Manifolds – With emissions up to 1,000 times lower than competing solutions, Parker’s technology keeps process media inside the system, where it belongs. 


    iCount Particle Detector – The most advanced technology in solid particle contamination monitoring and analysis for critical hydraulic and lubrication systems on mobile rigs and oil platforms that prolong fluid life and reduces machine downtime. 


    Village Marine Reverse Osmosis Watermakers – Operating a drill site includes the effective delivery of clean water for uses such as drinking, cooking and cleaning. Parker offers an alternative to traditional flash boiler systems in its reverse osmosis filtration system that can produce over 750,000 litres of fresh water per day. The system also is smaller than competing solutions and can save thousands in fuel consumption.

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    Asset management and condition monitoring

    Asset management in oil and gas is a complex business when you're handling thousands of components every day. Monitoring asset condition and replacement needs expert management and pro-active work with suppliers.
    Learn More
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    Non-weld piping for offshore engineering

    Non-weld piping is a quick, clean way of transferring many kinds of fluids in offshore environments - including hydraulic oil, chemicals, water and more. Parker offers a range of weld-free pipe technologies and complete piping solutions to support offshore customers.
    Learn More
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    Oil and gas decommissioning

    As oil and gas companies further develop their decommissioning systems and processes, they typically need to review their supply chain, technological capabilities and replicate good practice. Parker's offshore expertise can be tailored to support this process.
    Learn More

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