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United Kingdom

United Kingdom - Industrial Machinery

Industrial Machinery

With extensive engineering expertise in motion and control, market leading breadth of product, and unrivalled global distribution, Parker provides innovative components and complete systems to customers worldwide. Parker partners with customers to improve their productivity and profitability.


Helping our customers stay ahead of the competition 


To be innovative, you need to foster an environment that challenges people to think, to create and to produce. Parker’s WIN Strategy is dedicated to developing products and systems for tomorrow, and doing it with the support of our customers and suppliers. 


Winovation focuses our efforts on delivering new and innovated products to marketplace and to not stop there, but to continue to investigate and develop more new and innovated products. Through innovation, Parker is Engineering Your Success.


  • Stainless steel solenoid valves - Thanks to the best high grade material, the largest possibility of electrical parts (explosive proof included) and its high flow, using the new 221G stainless steel will allow you to have the most resistant valve to corrosion and to aggressive chemicals. Increasing lifetime by 30% on average, reducing installation costs by 10% and ATEX certified.


    Air Saver Module for Blowguns - Save up to 35% on operating costs with the new HASV Air Module for use on blowguns. Cost-effective, energy saving and easy to install, typical applications expected to benefit are any plants needing to remove metal chips or swarf from blind and tapped holes in machined parts such as manifolds, engine blocks and die-cast components.


    Compact Proportional DC Valves - Parker's new wireless operated proportional D1FC/D3FC valves' fully enclosed and integrated position feedback system offer reduced down time and improved accuracy for general machine building, plant engineering and valve control systems for presses, shears and bending press applications.


    Trihalomethane (THM) Water Analyzer - Waiting days or even weeks for THM results? Not anymore. Parker’s new THM Analyzer is an easy to operate, integrated Purge-and-Trap Gas Chromatograph (GC) that measures THM concentration at ppb levels in less than 30 minutes right at your own facility without tedious sample preparation.


    Compact Pneumatic Cylinders - Developed to meet the highest standards for quality and performance, P1P and P1Q cylinders will definitely make your packaging machines more compact, reliable and higher performing.


    AC Variable Speed Drives – By linking process requirements to the speed of fans and pumps, this drive reduces energy consumption by up to 50% in applications such as large ventilation systems. 


    High Force Electro Thrust Cylinder – Parker’s all electric, rod-style actuator increased the efficiency of actuation systems on factory automation lines by up to 65% while reducing energy costs. 


    Oil-X Evolution Compressed Air & Gas Filter – Clean compressed air is vital in many critical applications. This advanced filter design provides up to an 80% reduction in pressure loss and lowest total cost of ownership among competitive filters. 


    Nitrogen Generators - Parker MAXIGAS and MIDIGAS Nitrogen Generators enable you to make your own nitrogen gas on site and you will get a payback in as little as 12 months! Gas generation systems also eliminate the health and safety concerns associated with high pressure cylinders or bulk liquid as well as delivers consistent gas quality reducing potential production downtime.


    Transair Aluminum Compressed Air and Vacuum Pipe System - Durable and corrosion-resistant, Transair’s lightweight construction outperforms traditional piping systems. End-users can reconfigure production layouts in minutes, not hours, and Transair’s versatile, quick-connect interlocking system eliminates the need to thread or solder pipe. Transair also significantly reduces plant energy costs by increasing efficiency, reducing pressure drops, and eliminating leaks.



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