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United Kingdom

United Kingdom - Mobile Construction

Mobile Construction

Working with OEM customers as trusted partners in developing innovative solutions, Parker has the ability to optimise systems through whole-vehicle integration and a process that prioritises your specific goals that bring bottom-line revenue gains and help you compete. 


  • Energy efficiency – Utilisation of efficient circuits and components that deliver energy in the right quantities when needed 
  • Space saving – Integrated packages to reduce installation and manufacturing costs 
  • Life Cycle and Whole Life Costs – designed systems for high reliability and reduced maintenance 
  • Logistics – Fewer purchased parts, kitting services and line side delivery with global support 


Parker serves all mobile on-highway and off-highway markets and leverages the entire Parker technology platforms including Hydraulics, Electromechanical, Filtration and Pneumatics.


  • GlobalCore - Designed, built and tested to the ISO 18752 specification, GlobalCore reduces engineering and service complexity by providing the first comprehensive hose product family across the most commonly used constant working pressure classes.

    Disengageable Truck Pump (F3 Series) - The benefits of disengaging the pump from the engine PTO is fuel savings of 45-65 gallons average per year, enhanced reliability and considerable lower noise levels. This is a unique, patented product launched by Parker and is available to order from January 2016!


    EO-3® Fittings - The advantages of this new fitting are clearly apparent not just with its visible indicator that assembly has been completed correctly but also with its new thread technology. EO-3® can be assembled 70% faster than other commercially available fittings systems.


    RunWise Advanced Series Hydraulic Hybrid Drive System – This technology reduces fuel consumption 30-50% and lowers a single truck’s CO2 emissions by 38 tonnes per year. 


    Control Valve for Diesel Emissions – Parker’s flow control valves help improves air quality by reducing NO2 emissions from tractors and trucks by up to 50%. 


    Electronic Power Take Off – Parker technology allows aerial lift-trucks to operate the bucket and tools with rechargeable batteries, eliminating the need for engines to idle and reducing overall fuel consumption by up to 20%. 


    Super Impactor Crankcase Ventilation System – Oil emissions caused by untreated crankcase gases are effectively eliminated with Parker’s ventilation system. 


    Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR Hose) – Parkers’ electrically heated hose assemblies heat and convey aqueous ammonia dectant for efficient catalytic treatment of diesel exhaust fluid which improves fuel economy by up to 5% while reducing NO2 and hydrocardon emissions by up to 90%. 


    Compact Spiral Hose – This flexible hose technology allows for smaller and lighter systems, using 40% less material while doubling the product’s life.



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