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Quick Coupling Division

Quick Coupling Division - Quick Couplings for Oil and Gas

Quick Couplings for Oil and Gas

Screw to Connect Quick Couplings for Oil and Gas production provide secure connections for topside and on-shore operations

While topside equipment isn’t submerged, the environment can still prove to be challenging. Topside equipment is exposed to seawater that, due to its high chloride content, can be aggressively corrosive. Allowing corrosion to continue unchecked can lead to equipment damage that brings production to a grinding halt, or even create an unsafe working environment.

Screw-to-connect couplings are built to withstand the demanding requirements of oil and gas production applications where hydraulic lines are subjected to the stress of high pressure impulses and vibration. Parker’s FET and 59 Series hydraulic quick-disconnect couplings keep operations running smoothly for top side and on-shore drilling. Hydraulic lines connecting oil field equipment can be quickly disconnected and reconnected without extensive downtime. Quick-connect couplings allow workers to easily disconnect and connect top side lines from power units to subsea equipment.

These heavy duty, high pressure hydraulic screw to connect couplings are rated for pressures up to 6000 psi and can be connected and disconnected while hydraulic lines are under residual pressures. Parker FET and 59 Series also have flush face valves that are designed for non-spill operation, virtually eliminating fluid loss at disconnection and featuring low air inclusion at connection.

As the FET and 59 Series have many similarities, they also have some significant differences that are important considerations when choosing the best screw-to-connect couplers for your heavy duty application.

Off-shore topside applications include: Hydraulic power units and reelers

On-shore drilling applications include: Oil field equipment and service trucks

Parker FET Series Hydraulic High Pressure Quick Couplings  

Parker's FET Series high pressure hydraulic couplings provide interchangeability with similar high pressure screw-to-connect couplings by other manufacturers. FET Couplings are constructed of high strength materials for durability and high impulse resistance. This interchange profile is commonly used in heavy duty applications.

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FET Series Couplers 

FET Series Nipples  


Parker's 59 Series high-pressure stainless stelel coupler is the premiere screw-to-connect coupling for high impulse hydraulic applications. The rugged Acme threads are resistant to damage and have a double start feature to quickly align the threads, saving connection time and eliminating frustration.

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59 Series Couplers

59 Series Nipples


Parker’s FET Series and 59 Series screw to connect couplings are available for purchase on  Simply add products to your cart. Shipment within two days for in-stock items.