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Quick Couplings for Construction/Forestry

Screw to Connect Quick Couplings provide secure connections for excavators and other heavy equipment.

Large and small construction and forestry equipment often use a variety of tool attachments allowing them to be versatile for several activities and efficiently perform the work. Some of these attachments require multiple connections to the hydraulic lines, depending on the equipment and its function. At the job site, equipment tool attachments might be changed out several times in the process it takes to complete the project. Quick couplers for excavators and other heavy-duty equipment save time and improve efficiency by allowing operators to quickly and easily disconnect and reconnect hydraulic lines when switching out the tools or attachments.

Screw-to-connect, high pressure couplings are built to withstand the demanding requirements of applications where hydraulic lines are subjected to the stress of high pressure impulses and vibration. Parker’s FET and 59 Series allow the hydraulic lines between the equipment and the tool attachments to be quickly disconnected and reconnected without extensive downtime. These heavy duty, high pressure screw to connect couplings are rated for pressures up to 6000 psi and can be connected and disconnected while hydraulic lines are under residual pressures. Parker FET and 59 Series also have flush face valves that are designed for non-spill operation, virtually eliminating fluid loss at disconnection and featuring low air inclusion at connection.

Parker Screw To Connect FET Series Quick Couplings

As the FET and 59 Series have many similarities, they also have some significant differences that are important considerations when choosing the best screw-to-connect coupling for your heavy duty equipment.  http://blog.parker.com/screw-to-connect-couplings-make-hard-work-easier

Parker Screw To Connect Quick Couplings 59 Series

Parker FEM Series Quick Couplers  

Parker's FET Series provides interchangeability with similar high pressure screw-to-connect couplings by other manufacturers. FET Couplings are constructed of high strength materials for durability and high impulse resistance. This interchange profile is commonly used in heavy duty applications.

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FET Series Couplers 

FET Series Nipples  

Parker Screw To Connect Hydraulic Quick Couplers 59 Series  

Parker's 59 Series is the premiere screw-to-connect coupling for high impulse hydraulic applications. The rugged Acme threads are resistant to damage and have a double start feature to quickly align the threads, saving connection time and eliminating frustration.

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59 Series Couplers

59 Series Nipples


Parker Non-Spill Quick Couplings

ISO 16028 Non-spill Quick Couplings provide global compatibility when connecting skid loader attachments and switching out hydraulic hand tools.

It is common for smaller mobile equipment such as skid loaders and some hydraulic hand tools to utilize non-spill couplings that comply with ISO 16028 standard. Non-spill or dry-break quick disconnects are key to maintaining a clean environment, protecting system fluids from contamination caused by air or debris, and keeping workers safe from hazards due to fluid spills.

Parker FEM Series Non-Spill Couplings  

FEM Series non-spill quick couplings quickly connect fluid lines with easy push to connect operation. FEC Nipples provide the ability to connect under residual pressure. The non-spill valves keep air inclusion to a minimum and limit hydraulic fluid contamination to maintain reliable system performance. FEM/FEC Series is compliant with the highest design and performance specifications of ISO 16028 standard, ensuring global compatibility and interchangeability with other couplers manufactured to the same requirements.

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FEM Series Couplers

FEM Series Nipples