Austria - Powerplants & Renewable Energies

Powerplants & Renewable Energies

  • We are the world´s leading manufacturer of motion and control technologies and provides a large range of precision solutions for mobile and industrial applications to different markets including the Power Generation and Renewable Energies market. 

    Whether for nuclear, coal-fired, gas turbine or biomass, hydroelectric, waste-to-energy and other renewable energies, our solutions reduce costs and optimise performance faster and more efficiently. 


    Our comprehensive line of products for wind energy includes:

    • Hydraulic solutions: pitch systems, hydraulic power unit (HPU)

    • Filtration solutions: lube oil filtration system, condition monitoring system, heat exchangers

    • Thermal management solutions: two-phase evaporative cooling

    • Sealing and shielding solutions: pitch bearing seals, labyrinth seals, rotary seals, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and coatings

    • Fluid connector solutions: tube fittings, hydraulic hose and fittings, steel and stainless steel quick couplings, non welded tube connections


    Our comprehensive line of products for solar energy includes:

    Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Solutions

    • Hydraulic rotary tracker for CSP

    • Engineered HPUs and hydraulic cylinders for CSP tracking systems

    • Portable hydraulic oil purification system

    Photovoltaic (PV) Solutions

    • Thermal management for PV electronics

    • Electrohydraulic linear positioner for PV pitch control

    • Utility scale central inverter for PV


    Our comprehensive line of products for water energy includes:

    Hydro Solutions

    • Hydraulic controls for turbines and generators

    • Fluid conveyance

    • Bearing lube oil system

    • Gate actuation

    Wave/Tidal Solutions

    • „Wave attenuator” energy converters

    • Point absorber

    • Paddle style wave harvesters

    • Mooring lines and subsea electric cables

    • Tidal turbines