Engaged People

Parker has attracted some of the most driven and talented individuals from around the world, who form deep and meaningful relationships as they collaborate to improve their portion of the business.

Career Paths

It takes a strong and cohesive team to solve the world’s greatest engineering challenges, so we consistently seek the top talent from all professional disciplines.

A career at Parker offers boundless potential for professional and personal growth. You will work alongside the brightest minds in the world, help develop innovative technology and products, and contribute to our company’s goal of solving the world’s greatest engineering challenges.

We have succeeded in employing the top talent in the industry by focusing our hiring efforts on the individual, not the job description. If you are an inquisitive thinker with great ideas and a desire to succeed, we will find the perfect spot for you on our team.

  • At Parker, we do master technologies in various disciplines such as hydraulic, pneumatic, process control and more. From pure R&D to quality control and process engineeirng, we offer many different opportunities encompassing the overall engineering function.

  • Sales

    Our sales teams combine excellent commercial acument to a strong technical expertise. They can recommend systems and solutions that meet exactly what our customers need.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Part of our success is due to our ability to manage a complex network of suppliers and customers and to fulfill their needs in an efficient and timely manner. From supplier managament activities to the inventory optimisation, our supply chain managemet teams are involved in every step of the product's lifecycle, from its design to the final delivery to the customer.

  • Operations Management

    Ensuring that all production facilities operate under the best conditions and are fully aligned with the customers needs is a shared responibility by a group of multidisciplinary professionals. Altogether, they can foresee and understand how a small change in the chain can impact the overall operations organisation. By putting their expertise in Health, Safety  & ENvironment, quality assurance or Lean Production, they contribute  to Parker's success daily.

  • Manufacturing is at the heart of everything that we do and our team members manufacturing our products contribute to Parker's worldwide reputation of excellence. Continuous improvement initiatives on products and processes are embedded in our mindset.

  • From market intelligence to product marketing, including marketing communication, design and digitial marketing, our marketing teams are in charge to promote Parker's brand, our products and services through different communication channels (websites, blogs, social networks, press, etc...)

  • Decisions are based on numbers and the analysis of facts. The are core to the management of the entire organisation and support our overall performance. Our vision is to ensure a long term, profitable growth of the organisation through internal growth and acquisitions. We need people in Finance to support our strategy.

  • The information technology professionals working at Parker play a crucial role in our journey to digitisation. They also support our day-to-day operations by providing support to thousands of users spread around the world. Providing the infrastructure and systems to support and protect the operations is what keeps our information technology team motivated.

  • The Human Resources organistion helps defining the overal strategic plan and is part of any program supporting the materialisation of the strategy. As an HR profesisonal, you will be asked to identify talents by scouting and developing employees.

  • Pricing

    Our global pricing team is helping to win more business at prices that are fair, profitable, and differentiated. Pricing has a powerful effect on the company’s Growth and Profitability. By choosing to actively manage price, Parker leverages the benefits while minimizing risk.

Students and Recent Graduates

We are committed to help you become part of our next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs and engineers. New generations are vital to our future and we are convinced that working in a diverse environment drives business improvements and efficiency. ​

By starting your career at Parker, through multiple functional, technical or leadership trainings combined with practical experiences, you will explore new ways of working together with your colleagues. You will be empowered to make decisions while getting supported by senior leaders who will guide and coach you. You will work in multicultural teams, enlarging your network and growing as a person as well as a professional.​​

As we are a global company, you will be able to make your career journey in multiple roles and if you are interested, there are great opportunities for international assignments and job openings. Achieving success at Parker requires dedication and a continuous desire to learn and develop. We seek talented, motivated individuals who possess the humility to succeed as part of a team. If you have great ideas on how to make a positive future impact on people’s lives and on our planet, join us to solve our customers’ challenges by working together, answering the questions that have never been asked before. ​