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The safety critical nature of aerospace applications demands that electronics components and systems onboard must operate with complete reliability over extended periods in what can be extremely tough environmental conditions.

EMI / RFI must be rigorously addressed as part of the design process to avoid the risk of malfunction of individual components or complete modules due to noise and interference from other systems. In addition, appropriate thermal management measures will help ensure that components within the design are maintained at an optimum operating temperature that gives stable performance, enhances reliability and increases their expected life.

Parker Chomerics offers the products, technical know-how, close customer support and supply chain capabilities to meet these challenges and deliver superior, reliable and cost-effective solutions for the full range of aerospace electronics applications.

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    The airframe structure of the aircraft is among the most important components of the aircraft. Our suite of conductive coatings provide excellent EMI shielding, corrosion resistance, and surface grounding, and perform especially well during event such as lightning strikes.
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    In Cabin Systems

    Thermal heat dispersion and EMI shielding solutions for the ever changing in flight entertainment segment.
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    Navigation & Flight Control

    Our suite of EMI shielding and grounding products such as our selection of conductive and non conductive silicone form-in-place gaskets offer reliable and cost saving solutions when designing compact equipment.
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