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Integrated Infotainment Systems

While each integrated infotainment system is different, typical tasks that can be performed with an in-vehicle infotainment system include managing and playing audio content, utilizing navigation for driving, delivering rear-seat entertainment such as movies, games
, listening to incoming and sending outgoing SMS text messages, making phone calls, and accessing Internet-enabled or smartphone-enabled content such as traffic conditions, sports scores and weather forecasts.

All of the major automakers have moved towards highly integrated infotainment systems in recent years and that high level of integration makes them incredibly convenient, but it has also led to usability issues. Parker Chomerics' large variety of integrated display solutions, thermal management, and EMI shielding and grounding products are perfect for the ever evolving infotainment market -- providing thermal insinuators and conductive gels for sensors and superior EMI shielding protection.

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