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With each passing design cycle, in flight entertainment (IFE) systems are getting more technically advanced, as airlines try to keep up customer demand amid rapid technology advances. 

A new generation of IFE used on board commercial aircraft is required to provide more and more services (touchscreens, audio, video, internet, multimedia, phone, etc.). But, unlike other avionics systems most of the IFE equipment and boxes are installed inside the cabin and they are not connected to the aircraft cooling system. The most critical equipment of the IFE system is a seat electronic box (SEB) installed under each passenger seat. Fans are necessary to face the increasing power dissipation.

But this traditional approach has some drawbacks: extra cost multiplied by the seat number, reliability and maintenance. Our thermal management products help extend the efficiency, reliability, and maintenance cycle of ever critical IFEs by utilizing cutting edge thermal heat dispersion products, and coupled with our superior EMI shielding knowledge, we can provide a total IFE solution.

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